Winter Weather Handbook: WeatheRate

Winter Weather Handbook

(WBRE/WYOU) They are there night and day year-round forecasting the weather for Eyewitness News viewers. This team of talented meteorologists is providing a service considered tops yet again by the independent research company WeatheRate.  

“I’m really happy to say that WBRE and WYOU the Eyewitness News team has come out on top of the accuracy findings for the last 13 years in a row.” 

That’s no small feat according to WeatheRate President and Founder Bruce Fixman. He and his team of meteorologists pour over the television forecasting work of the 95 largest TV markets including northeastern and central Pennsylvania. 

“Of course, we’re looking at high and low temperatures but we also look at sky cover, precipitation, the timing of precipitation, strong winds, dense fog, severe thunderstorms and in northeast PA, very important Mark, we also look at snow accumulation and ice as well. Like I said, it’s comprehensive.”   

Providing those accurate weather forecasts is far from easy given the nuances Pennsylvania’s geography presents, from its mountains and valleys to its proximity to bodies of water. 

“You actually have coastal influences being so close to the ocean on the east side of the state and then when you get to the west side of the state you’ve got, of course, the Great Lakes and that has a big impact as well. But I think the trickiest part of forecasting weather in Pennsylvania as you mentioned is the valleys. Those could be tough. You get those inversions and it leads to some pollution and some weird temperature things going on and it’s hard to forecast that rain/snow line, that mix. It’s tough,” said Fixman.

But whether it’s high pressure or low pressure, cold fronts or warm fronts, the Eyewitness Weather team is up to the task pouring over weather data and providing the most accurate forecasts possible, forecasting accuracy recognized with the coveted WeatheRate seal of approval 13 years straight. 

“They earned it. It’s not a lottery or a contest that you go out and you win something by luck. It’s day in, it’s day out, it’s 365 days a year that we collect data and analyze it so that’s definitely a title they’ve earned,” Fixman said. 

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