EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Eyewitness News spoke with PennDOT officials about getting ready to salt, cinder and plow.

No matter the size of the storm, or how busy the roads, PennDOT crews have to make sure they’re prepped and ready to go this winter season.

“Depending on what kind of a storm is coming will determine when a preparation of the storm if it’s a snow event ice event. But we are prepared for whatever’s coming our way,” PennDOT District 4 community relations coordinator Jessica Ruddy said.

PennDOT’s goal of every winter weather event is to make sure the roads are manageable. Whether it’s snow, ice, or sleet, PennDOT says they’re prepared.

“And we are, we’re ready for winter whenever it decides to come. We’ll go out prior to a storm coming to make sure there’s a layer of salt on the road,” Ruddy said.

As soon as snow starts to fall and stick, plowing begins.

“Depending on the type of storm that’s coming and where it is coming to, that’s where we decide where we are sending our teams, what action are we going to take and overall we just talk about the planning process,” Ruddy said.

While PennDOT crews are prepared for future storms, they want drivers to be prepared too. To make sure your car is ready to take on the snow, check your tires and windshield wipers and top off your fluids.

You also need to prepare an emergency kit for your car. Pack a blanket, phone charger, water medications and anything else you might need in case your car becomes disabled.

“We also like to tell people to know before you go. Go to 511 pa.com prior to heading out. You can check out the cameras, you can see how the road conditions are. Are there any road closures and you can also see the plows out,” Ruddy said.