Winter Weather Handbook: Get Ready for the Road

Winter Weather Handbook

(WBRE/WYOU-TV) With the start of meteorological winter within a week, you still have time to make sure your vehicle is running in good condition. Meteorologist Logan Westrope stopped by Motor World in Wilkes-Barre for ways to prep your vehicle.

  Winter months can be a time for fun in the snow whether it’s skiing or snowboarding… But maybe not so enjoyable when it comes to cleaning off your car.  

As we still have some time until the start of the meteorological winter, now is the time to get your vehicle in its best shape.

Logan met with Miike Gyory, a service manager at Motor World in Wilkes-Barre, for tips and things you should check before a storm hits this coming winter.

“You want the vehicle to do the basic functions. You want it to start, you want it to go, and you want it to stop. So, some of the basic things you always want to check are your battery. Any extreme temperatures whether it’d be cold or heat, produce a lot of stress on the battery” said Gyory

Gyory says car batteries are only good for about 3 or 4 years, and can weaken without you even noticing it, unless temperatures get extremely cold.

“Check your battery. You want to look at your battery posts, both positive and negative terminals. Make sure there is no corrosion build-up on those. Corrosion build-up may mean your battery is getting old and probably needs replacement.”

For those who would like to save some money, you can check a lot of your vehicle’s functions yourself.

“Check your washer fluid. Definitely reference your owner’s manual before you go topping any fluids off, you want to make sure your topping off the right fluid.”

“Make sure your coolant level is at a proper level between the high and low side.”

“You can always check your engine oil and make sure that’s at a proper level.”

“Your tires… In the state of Pennsylvania 2/32 is the state minimum to pass a safety inspection, so a penny is always a good measurement. If you check the tread depth with a penny, and it doesn’t touch the top of Lincoln’s head… It means you would fail a state safety inspection and you’re in pretty rough shape.”

If your vehicle doesn’t sound right or something seems different then that may be a sign to bring your car into the shop for maintenance which is much better than getting stranded on the side of the road during winter.

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