Severe Weather Handbook: Facing Flooding Fears

Severe Weather

SEVERE WEATHER HANDBOOK– No doubt about it, flooding has plagued our region over the past year. Now, as we dive into severe weather season, it’s time to be prepared for any major weather event, flooding included. But what do you do when flooding threatens you and your home? 

The first major thing to remember when it comes to flooding is something you hear us say all the time: turn around, don’t drown. You never want to drive over a flooded roadway because, when it comes down to it, you have no idea how deep that water is, or how sturdy the road is underneath it. All it takes is six inches of water to sweep a person off their feet. Just 18 inches of water can move a car, and two feet of water can physically lift a car off the ground. It’s not worth taking that risk. 

When it comes to water in your home, the idea is to be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. Check your insurance to see what it covers. Charge your electronics, in case you have to leave the house. Also, have a place of higher elevation in mind in case you have to leave. 

— Kristina Shalhoup

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