Severe Weather Handbook: How to prepare the insurance you may need

Severe Weather Handbook

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) We always talk about being proactive when it comes to handling severe weather, but what happens to people’s homes and cars that are destroyed after a storm has hit?

We hear it all the time… The life-altering tales of property lost during severe weather.

It’s something that insurance broker Bob Knowles of Knowles Associates said hasn’t always been so locally widespread.

“I think a lot is evolving as weather patterns are changing. And now, losses are taking place when they hadn’t occurred before.”

And as more people are impacted by storms, others who haven’t been affected find themselves worrying each time they see bad weather in the forecast.

“The biggest challenge is that, for most people, it’s a first time event… And the unknown, the uncertainty creates a lot of anxiousness for them.”

He says the best way to prevent that anxiousness when it comes to your property is to take an extra step in preparing before storms actually hit.

“Our job, first and foremost, before the loss, is to make sure that they have appropriate coverage.”

He says you need to be prepared to ask your insurance broker the right questions—starting with…

“Am I covered for it? Because that’s the ultimate concern that they have. Will there be some reimbursement for my damages that can make me whole?”

The next question you need to have on your list, Bob says, is one that you might be asking anyway after a storm.

“How does it work and how long will it take?”

Finally, he says that it’s up to your insurance broker to let you know about the risks in your immediate area.

“If somebody’s in a flood plain, you need to make them aware of what the likelihood is of that happening, and what the cost would be to transfer it to an insurance company.”

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have an inventory of your personal possessions—and a rough value so that if disaster does happen to you—you’re one step ahead on the road to recovery.

You can find more from our Severe Weather Handbook here.

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