WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Following reports of unsanitary and unsafe conditions at migrant shelters, the Trump Administration has moved hundreds of kids from a border facility.

According to the office of Texas Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, the Trump administration has moved 300 migrant children from a CPB facility near El Paso after reports of the poor conditions inside.

By law, the government is required to provide safe and sanitary condition to migrant children and families who are in custody.

Last week, the Trump Administration argued in federal court that safe and sanitary conditions didn’t include giving soap and toothbrushes to children.

In court, it was revealed that immigrant children are sometimes kept in freezing cells all night with the lights on. Previous watchdog reports found migrants were getting spoiled or still frozen food.

Trump and the administration are pointing the finger elsewhere.

“President Obama built the cages,” Trump said. 

Texas Congressman Al Green has visited migrant shelters.

“And I saw babies lying on a floor, cement,” Green said. “When I saw it, it hurt.”

Green has repeatedly called for Trump’s impeachment and said the mistreatment of migrant children only adds to his case.

“Doesn’t have to commit a crime to be impeached,” Green said.