JENKINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — A local hospital system in our region has vaccinated more than 200,000 Pennsylvanians to date. Now, you can add at least two more people to that growing number.

Last week, Eyewitness News met two elderly women in the Back Mountain by chance. They told Eyewitness News they didn’t have the proper resources to figure out how to get an appointment. So, Eyewitness News stuck around and helped point them in the right direction, and now they’ve got their first shot.

Margeret Hoover and Connie Lloyd are friends, neighbors and now COVID-19 vaccine buddies.

“I was very leery about it, then you came and helped us out to get a shot and I figured well I better get it, I want to be protected,” Hoover said.

Eyewitness News met the Trucksville women on an assignment a week ago. They expressed they were having trouble getting an appointment. Within hours, they got an appointment set up with Geisinger but not only for themselves.

“I was going to get it one way or another. I don’t want other people to get sick around me you know,” Lloyd said.

Geisinger Health Network has vaccinated more than 210,000 Pennsylvanians since they opened their clinics in January.

If you’re eligable for the vaccine, the senior director of Emergency Management says they have plenty of availabilty across the system.

“It’s really all based on demand supply and demand in the areas so our Jersey Shore, Lewistown, Danville locations have more immediate openings our Pittston location tends to be a little bit more populated,” said Geisinger’s Senior Director of Emergency Management Stephanie Gryboski. “It’s not important where you get an appointment, it’s important that you get an appointment to get vaccinated.”

They took off in their Ride Share Wednesday by late morning.

“It was quick very fast you know you have to wait in line in and out. It was good,” Lloyd said.

“Fine. It didn’t hurt. It was quick, painless,” Hoover said.

This follows news today from the Department of Health, as Pennsylvania prepares quickly move through the vaccine eligibility phases in April.

Geisinger says they are prepared for the changes. To get an appointment for a vaccine at Geisinger call 570-284-3657.