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Vaccinate NEPA: Injections that warn users not to take a live vaccine

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EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Eyewitness News asked Dr. Gerald Maloney, Geisigner Chief Medical Officer, about injections that warn users not to take a live vaccine.

Pam from Danville asks, “My son is prescribed Humira injections, but Humira warns its users to not take live vaccines. Which COVID vaccine should he get?”

“So, he can get any of them. None of the COVID vaccines available contain any of the live virus, so the question here, is because Humira suppresses part of your immune system, so if there was a live virus in the vaccine, there is a chance the vaccine could actually cause an infection. That’s not the case with any of the vaccines available today. In fact people with conditions that need medicines like Humira, they’d actually be at a higher risk of severe disease if they become infected, so we really recommend they get the vaccine as soon as possible,” said Dr. Maloney.

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