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Vaccinate NEPA: COVID-19 vaccines and allergic reactions

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EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Eyewitness News asked Dr. Rutul Dalal today’s Vaccine NEPA question of the day.

A viewer asks: “Can you get any of the COVID vaccines if you had a really bad reaction to the tetanus shot?”

“Well that’s a very good question. Typically if you go over the mRNA vaccine they have a substance called PEG which is polyethylene glycol, and most of the people who get allergic reactions are allergic to that particular ingredient. So when you get the tetanus or any other vaccine, and get a severe allergic reaction, you can use an epi-pen or if it is making your throat close or heart rate really went up. In such situations, as a safety mechanism of every vaccine, if you’ve had an allergic reaction to some other vaccine, you’re supposed to monitor the side effects for at least 30 minutes. And if there was to be a reaction like rash, which is I think what usually happens, wait 30 minutes. The substances in the tetanus vaccine which particularly might be allergic to. So that shouldn’t really be a huge problem,” Dr. Dalal said.

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