Digital Exclusive: New Art Exhibits in Wilkes-Barre


The Wyoming Valley Art League is celebrating its 65th year here at the circle center for the arts in Wilkes-Barre. The center has opened two new exhibits to share with the community.

The first display is dedicated to the artwork of Frank Wengen, a Wilkes University alum.
Robert Husty, coordinator of the circle center for the arts says Wengen’s work is unique.

“He’s a watercolorist. The exhibition is called perception in rural realism. Very detailed watercolors. Not your typically water color with a lot of washes, but very fine detail. Very unique method that he has in rendering these watercolors,” Husty said.

The second new art exhibit features artwork from local artists of the Wyoming valley.
Members of the Wyoming Valley Art League exhibit their works on a monthly basis. Husty says this month’s show has a variety of art styles.

“It’s a very ecclectic show – from abstract things you know from abstract works to very realistic works. All mediums, accrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil, and then we have fabric and sculpture. A little bit of everything,” Husty said.

Husty decided to add some of his own work to this month’s show as well. He says he prefers to use the abstract style.

“I will reduce a scene that I take say from nature, into its essences and its essential elements. And try to project that on the canvas so that I can leave some space for the viewer to be part of that painting,” Husty said.

His work is titled ‘Room’.

“An empty room can sound kind of discouraging or um sad in a sense but it’s actually meaning just the opposite. It’s full of potential. All that space for potential. Potential to create,” Husty said.

The Circle Center doesn’t just exhibit visual art. The art league hosted Shivaun O’Donnell, a stand-up comedian, last weekend as part of a fundraiser. All events and shows help raise money for the Circle Center for the Arts.

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