KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — New developments out of the Wyoming Valley West School District as it continues to deal with the aftermath of a controversial letter sent to parents concerning unpaid lunch debts that made national headlines.

Wyoming Valley West School Board President Joe Mazur says he asked for the resignation of district solicitor Charles Coslett.

“I asked him to resign because he gave us legal advice on this letter. I think he understands our position on this situation,” Mazur said.

Coslett says he will resign his position.

“I will hand in my letter of resignation. I fully expected that I would be asked to resign. I gave them legal options available to them and I stand by my advice. It’s time to move on from this,” Coslett said.

It is still unclear as to who actually wrote the letter. It was signed by Joseph Muth, who supervises federal programs for the Wyoming Valley West School District. He admitted last week that the letter was too harsh.

The request for Coslett’s resignation comes a day after the school district issued an apology letter condoning the tone of its original letter to 39 parents threatening to send their children into the foster care system if they didn’t pay their delinquent lunch bills.

The $22,000 in unpaid lunch payments owed to the school has been cleared after the Wyoming Valley West School District reluctantly accepted a donation from a Philadelphia businessman, Todd Carmichael, to eliminate the debt owed by the parents.