Workers deal with prank that bubbled up in Lehighton fountain

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LEHIGHTON BOROUGH, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A fountain filled with foam is getting a lot of looks and laughs in Carbon County.

While some see it as a silly prank, it’s not so fun for the borough workers who have to clean up the mess. It might have been funny the first time, but borough officials are no longer amused. They say it’s disrespectful and a waste of tax payer dollars to keep cleaning it up.

“What did they do to the fountain? The whole fountain was just a wall of foam…And the more the fountain ran, the bigger the wall was getting,” Patty Graham of Lehighton said.

Pranksters filled the fountain at Colonel Jacob Weiss Park with soap and bubbles for the second time this month, borough officials said in a statement on Friday. Graham says it was an amazing sight but she’s concerned pranksters could ruin the landmark for everyone if it keeps happening.

“That wouldn’t be nice because our high rise is right there with the elderly, and this park is special to them. They come up here to get cooled off, they come up here to chat, they come here to read, and they enjoy it,” Graham said.

It happened the day before the Christmas in July event at the park. This time, pranksters used “heavy duty bubbles”, according to borough officials, who say the clean up is ‘cumbersome, time consuming and a waste of taxpayer money.’ For some locals, the prank was nothing new.

“Several times that I remember and all it is, is someone threw detergent in and that’s the end of it. And I used to swim in it when I was a kid,” Claypoole’s General Store owner Glen Claypoole said.

Claypoole’s General Store is across from the fountain. Claypoole says the fountain is significant to Lehighton’s rich history, named after a Revolutionary War soldier.

“Mr. Weiss owned the port across the river. Weissport, that was his homestead. These lots that fountain is on, the spring that he had when he had a log cabin there,” Claypoole said.

While there was no permanent damage, locals say the prank is getting old.

“Fill up your own bathtub. If you want bubbles, do it somewhere else. Don’t ruin it for the community here,” Graham said.

The fountain takes effort to maintain. The Light and Power Department drains, scrubs, and refills the fountain regularly.

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