SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Eyesight is essential for most to make their way around. One woman experienced seeing the world for the first time.

“It’s so clear. Everything is so clear,” Charlette Golphin said.

Golphin has been 80 percent blind her entire life. But at 66 years old, she is seeing her husband Darnell’s face for the first time.

“I thank my husband who, even though he is totally blind, he’s helped me out so much,” Golphin said.

She also saw family and friends for the first time as they gathered round to share this experience with her at the Schuylkill Haven Highrise. It was an emotional experience for everyone.

“She’s never saw her grandchildren. Never seen their face and for her to finally be able to see them and their facial features that look like her,” Lanique Golphin said.

Charlette is wearing computerized glasses thanks to the Lion’s Club. The Schuylkill Haven chapter donated the $6,300 pair of glasses to her.

“They were expensive but they are worth the effort that we put forth to make this happen,” Schuylkill Haven Lion’s Club president Gerald Reicherd said.

The magic began in that room when Golphin put on those glasses but there is still an entire world for her to explore thanks to this new technology.

Nu Eyes, which is a Pennsylvania dealer that is providing the high-tech glasses and Sage Vision will teach her how to use them. She will get her actual pair in the near future, allowing her to see the rest of the world in a new light.

This is the first time Sage Vision and the dealer, Nu Eyes, has partnered with a Lion’s Club chapter to make this gift of sight possible.