BLAKESLEE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) With weather threatening drivetime in the Poconos and ‘Coal country, PennDOT is preparing.

Much like we tune in to see our meteorologists and what they have on the radar for ourselves?
PennDOT takes a look at many forecasts for you and i hitting our commutes.

It was nice to see a bit of a warm spell for mid-December, but it’s that time where you’ll hear the phrase ‘give yourself plenty of time out on the roads.’

As we track several systems heading out way this week, penndot’s district five takes care of a large part of the Poconos and Schuylkill County. They are poised to see some of the worst on the pavement and penndot press officer sean brown tells us they’re ready.

“Each area is very different, and our guys are experts out there, they’ve been working with backgrounds for years they adapt they go the route,” he said. “There are trainings that go on well before. We have a look at what’s going to happen and get out there.”

Much of that preparation is taking a look at different treatments for road surfaces like brining solution. The other major part is making sure the manpower is available and those crews that know the roads so well are in place.

It’s important this time of year to remember that if you see crews, slow down and make sure they can do their job to make your commute safer.

Brown also tells eyewitness news that during weather systems like we’ll see this week, the protocol would usually be to staff us the emergency command in Allentown. They still have that capability, but following CDC guidelines, they’ve become better at communicating remotely while still making sure those crews can prepare the roads before the worst comes.