WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In Lycoming County, the snow has been falling for the past few hours.

There’s some steady snowfall going on right now. Eyewitness News was out and about earlier Sunday and could see some flurries around 5 p.m., but at that point none of it was sticking. Fast forward a few hours and the sidewalks and roads are all covered.

There aren’t too many people out, but those Eyewitness News saw were bundled up or taking things slow while driving. On West 4th Street, one of the most-traveled roads in Williamsport, it looks like the plows have already removed some snow but it’s beginning to pile up again.

This is the fluffy type of snow that’s just perfect for snowballs and snowmen or catching the little snowflakes on your tongue. Other than a few cars and a plow truck, it’s been pretty quiet downtown in Williamsport tonight. Tomorrow we’ll also be bringing more updates on the road conditions.