Virtual inauguration party held in Lycoming County

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WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Lycoming County Democrats were among dozens of party leaders statewide who celebrated the Biden inauguration with a virtual party.

As you might imagine, the inauguration earlier was quite a robust moment of hope for Democrats in Lycoming County. But local GOP leaders tell Eyewitness News Republican voters are concerned Biden’s talk of unity and healing is just lip service.

An inauguration unlike any other.

“Let’s say cheers to Joe Biden, president, Kamala Harris, vice president,” said Senator Bob Casey.

On Wednesday, Democratic leaders in Lycoming County joined the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for the virtual inauguration party, celebrating President Joe Biden’s rise to the Oval Office.

“Very hopeful time, it’s reaffirming our democracy. It was a wonderful ceremony, and I’m looking forward to more functional politics,” said Dave Raker, a Lycoming County representative of the PA Democratic Party.

Raker says he believes President Biden’s moderate positioning within the party can begin healing the nation’s political wounds.

“We need to get back to that situation, where we look past the political party or the team that we’re on, to a solution that’s fitting to a reasonable degree, to the reasonable degree possible for all,” Raker said.

But local Republican leadership isn’t so sure that’s tenable.

“Biden talks about unity, but his party, his members in Congress, don’t seem to speak the same language,” Lycoming County Republican Committee Secretary Cody Hoover said.

Hoover says area Republicans will give Biden a fair shot but policy disagreements will weigh heavily.

“I’ll oppose him when I do not agree with him and I will support him when I do agree with him. I just don’t see… Looking at his policy and what he’s pursuing, 90 percent of them I’m opposed to. So I think it’ll be hard to find that common ground, I think that’s where most Republicans are,” Hoover said.

Hoover told Eyewitness News that Republicans here remain worried about election security as well as the Biden Administration’s relationship with small business.

Raker, meanwhile, said he hopes this marks an end to American isolationism and brings about a new age of cooperation with our allies.

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