Veterans Helping Veterans- A Veteran’s Promise

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(WBRE/WYOU-TV)    United States Department of Veterans Affairs reports as many as 30-percent of veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder.

  One local group is making it their mission to help those in this fight.

  Eyewitness News Reporter Anja Whitehead tells us about Veterans Promise.

When veterans come home from war many face new battles. From PTSD to drug addiction at veterans promise, they stand by their men and women in uniform to help them through their internal struggles.

  “I came home with a tremendous amount of guilt. After we lost soldiers over there and you know, after my struggles I really wanted to do something in the community and this was the best way for me to recover myself,” said Sgt. David Ragan.

 David Ragan was a Sergeant deployed in Bosnia back in 2002 and Iraq in 2005 when he came home he wanted to offer peer to peer programs after seeing the effects war can have.

  “We’re adding that service part. Where a lot of us have been in places where others have been. And that connection is really the thing that gets people to open up,” said Sgt. Ragan. The programs they offer are all free, and they wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of the community.

  “When you say free, the cost to the veteran is free… It does take us fundraising and doing things in the community to provide that,” said Sgt. Ragan.

 That’s why veterans promise teamed up with American Legion Post 568 Minooka for Operation Carvett. A car and bike show at the circle drive-in theatre.

  “We really wanted to have a family-oriented event. It was important for us to have a larger venue because we’re growing. We’re opened to all different types of cars and bikes as well,” said Christopher Crawford, Post Adjutant American Legion Post 568 Minooka

 It creates a comfortable environment for other veterans to see how both the legion and veterans promise can help.

  “Learn about both organizations in a comfortable setting. It’s important for us to reach local veterans,” noted Crawford. If you’d like to help veteran’s promise and the American Legion Post 568 Minooka. You can attend the event on Saturday from 11 to 7 at the Circle Drive in Dickson City

Learn more about Veteran’s Promise Link

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