CLIFFORD TOWNSHIP, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A teenager was hit and left for dead on the side of a dark road in the middle of the night.

Wednesday night, three people from Uniondale are facing charges. Pennsylvania State Police say 20-year-old Brooke Petersen, 47 year-old Gloria Davis, and 22-year-old Joseph Thomas are all accused of playing a role in the death of Jeremy Clark.

Clark’s family now knows who is responsible for the hit and run that killed the 17-year-old early Sunday morning. Jeremy’s grandmother and legal guardian Tabatha Rhettberg says they’re relieved but they may never be satisfied.

“Finally, we have a little bit of answers. We still don’t have them all, but we know who did this to him,” Rhettberg said.

Photo of Jeremy Clark provided by family

According to the affidavit, Clark and his friend Dominick Justice were walking home from a party at Endless Mountain Resort hosted by Ashley Petersen. Jeremy’s grandmother says Ashley was Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend but the two remained friends.

Around 3 a.m. Dominick called 911 saying he and Jeremy were laying in the roadway on SR 171 when Jeremy was hit by a car. EMS responded and Jeremy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Before troopers from PSP Gibson arrived, EMS responders saw a silver sedan leave the scene. Troopers found Dominick at 47-year-old Gloria Davis’s home in Uniondale. They learned it was Gloria, her daughter Brooke Petersen, and Grooke’s boyfriend Joseph Thomas who picked up Dominick from the scene in Davis’s silver sedan.

Brooke is Ashley Petersen’s sister.

At first, police say Brooke, Joseph and Gloria lied about what happened. They said Brooke and Joseph saw two kids laying in the road and went back with Gloria to see that Jeremy was hurt. They said they left when they saw an ambulance arrive.

Troopers learned Brooke had been drinking prior to striking Jeremy with her Jeep Wrangler on SR 171.

“Anytime you are involved in an accident and there’s bodily injury and/or death, you have to render aid. You have to stay there, render aid until authorities come there. That way you’ll be interviewed and asked questions as to what happened,” PSP Troop R Trooper Bob Urban said.

Police say Brooke fled and returned to the scene later with Gloria, and Joseph until EMS arrived. They picked up Dominick and took off again, making a pact not to tell anyone about the incident. Brooke and Joseph admitted to washing blood off the Jeep, which had scratches and damage to the undercarriage.

“They ended up leaving the scene before authorities got there, which yielded their criminal arrest,” Urban said.

Gloria, Brooke and Joseph are facing charges related to the incident. The trio is expected to turn themselves in Thursday morning.

We tried to reach out to Brooke but have not heard back.