GRANVILLE TOWNSHIP, BRADFORD COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We’re learning more about a lightning strike in Bradford County that killed two and injured two others.

The county coroner released the names Tuesday. 43-year-old Jason Gamba and 34-year-old Craig Kelemen, both of the Philadelphia area were killed. The incident happened on private property.

Four men took shelter under a deer stand when a quick-moving storm passed through in Granville Township Monday afternoon, off Tube Road near Granville Tavern.

“At such time all four individuals gathered underneath the treestand, in which lightning struck the stand, traveling down through an aluminum ladder,” coroner Thomas Carman said.

Gamba and Kelemen made contact with the ladder. Carman says the other two, father and son John and Joseph Maiale of Franklin Square, New York were transported to a trauma center in Sayre.

“As a general reminder, storms can change. Mother Nature tends to win and we must be very respectful,” Carman said.

“Take it very seriously. So you hear the thunder, that’s when it’s time to go inside. Don’t wait until it starts raining. A lot of people make that mistake,” David Nicosia of the National Weather Service in Binghamton said.

Nicosia says people should take shelter inside a home as quickly as possible. A pavilion, dugout, or shed is not safe. A vehicle is your next best option.

“Assuming the windows are rolled up and you’re not touching anything metal inside your car. If you have a choice between car or inside your house, you go inside your house,” Nicosia said.

As for the victims who remain in the hospital, the coroner says they are stable.