HEPBURN TOWNSHIP, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — According to the Lycoming County District Attorney, Marie Snyder and Echo Butler have been charged with homicide after a months-long investigation was underway regarding remains found of two missing girls in Lycoming County.

The remains of two young girls were removed from the yard of a Hepburn Township property in November 2021 and were identified by police as six-year-old Nicole Snyder and four-year-old Jasmine Snyder. 

Officials state Marie Snyder, the girls’ mother, and her partner Echo Butler are in custody and originally authorities charged both with endangering the welfare of children as well as obstruction and child abuse cases.

At this time, the criminal complaint and affidavit is sealed until Friday, January 7th when both Snyder and Butler are officially charged in court. The details surrounding the cause of death for either child are unclear.

The assistant DA stated additional charges will be also filed against Michele Butler — the mother of Echo Butler, who was arrested in connection with the murders of the two Lycoming County girls. Butler was charged originally with endangering the welfare of children and obstruction in child abuse cases.

The District Attorney’s office said the preliminary arraignments will be held for each Friday morning, January 7th beginning at 9 a.m.