Tunkhannock man details cross-country bike trip

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EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — During the pandemic, many people decided to try something new.

But one man from Tunkhannock took that philosophy to a whole new level. Eyewitness News spoke with him about his unusual journey to see America on two wheels.

For Tunkhannock native Timothy Fetzko and his wife Eliska, biking isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. The couple began to use their bicycles as their main mode of transportation soon after they met. But their travel around the world was cut short due to the pandemic.

“Borders started shutting down so we thought let’s go to a big country where we know we’re not gonna really have any issues going from state to state or anything like that so we flew to the U.S. and started in California,” Fetzko said.

From California, the two headed across the U.S. The trip took 60 days. Their final destination? Delaware.

“You know it was really hot in California obviously, in the Mojave Desert. Into New Mexico in the mountains, it got pretty cold. We were stuck in the snowstorm for three days. And then it got hot again, and towards the end it was snowing and we were really cold,” Fetzko said.

Fetzko tells Eyewitness News it wasn’t hard to travel via bicycle during the pandemic. He says it was just the two of them traveling, the roads were emptier, and as for lodging….

“We actually looked back the other day and only spent from the 60 days, nine of them inside. So the rest of them we were camping,” Fetzko said.

When they reached Delaware, Fetzko says it didn’t hit him that they had actually finished their goal.

“It was maybe like a week or two later you know when we were kind of like sleeping in my parents’ house and eating dinner and living a normal life again,” Fetzko said.

He says now is the time to get back outdoors.

“Definitely now travelling comes with a type of responsibility, but if you’re looking for more of an outdoor lifestyle and some camping. Even if it’s a weekend somewhere in the woods in Pennsylvania, it’s a good time to do it,” Fetzko said.

The fetzkos hope to continue biking around the world soon.

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