SUMMIT HILL, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) – Every town has its history, but its folklore and tales passed down from generations that give a town its character.

A Summit Hill Councilman and history buff just released a collection of local ghost stories.

“They quickly turned the headlights of the car into the cemetery only to find the figure had vanished into the night….”

As president of the cemetery and former president of the historical society, Summit Hill Councilman David Wargo is well versed in local history, as well as the unexplained.

He literally wrote the book on it. Less than a month ago he released “Mysteries on the Mountain: A Collection of Summit Hill History, Ghost Stories and Lore.” He says its roughly 20 years in the making.

“Not only capturing the stories but researching the history behind them and the urban legends and the factual details that gave rise to the stories themselves,” said David Wargo, Summit Hill Councilman, Author.

He began collecting stories in 2000, when he did ghost tours with the historical society and wrote a column for the local paper.

“Once I had the stories, I realized they were kind of important to the character of the town, not necessarily the academic history but the character,” said Wargo.

The book includes Summit Hill’s role in the Molly Maguire story, unsolved murders, and one of the oldest legends in the community: The woman in white.

“This woman would appear after midnight and she would start to walk through the cemetery and she would head toward town before she disappeared,” said Wargo.

Now, he’s bringing some of the stories to life to help restore the historic GAR Cemetery, with a ghost tour on Halloween night.

“Half of the money from this ghost tour is going to go toward putting it into the pool of money that we use to restore stones,” said Wargo.

Wargo will also host a book signing Saturday at 12:30 pm at Ldlow Park.