SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Students in the Scranton School District are back to school, both online and from home.

“You have to, at some point, embrace just the noise and you have to embrace everything that having three kids at three different levels and three different academic based schedules,” said Vivian Williams, Parent.

Vivian Williams has her hands full. She is working while helping her children get established for the marking period, especially her fifth and sixth graders.

“They’re learning how to use Google Classroom, and they’re learning how to share documents and they’re learning how to check their email,” said Williams.

Williams’ first grader, Tanner, has help from a therapeutic service support or TSS. Tanner is seven and was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

He is just one of nearly 2,000 special needs students in the district.

“For him to try and school at home, really confuses him because he is doing it in his room, at a desk where his bed is, and there’s his TV and he does not necessarily understand what he should be doing when he’s doing it,” said Williams.

“My staff has been encouraged to maintain regular contact with families because I think the key to success under this model is open communication, so that we’re understanding where there are shortcomings,” said Dr. Sharon Baddick, Director of Special Education and Support Services, Scranton School District.

Dr. Sharon Baddick says there are 125 special education teachers and 45 related service personnel to help.

“The teachers will be offering live and recorded virtual instruction to students and families so they will be reaching out to families in order to communicate with students at a minimum of three lessons per week,” said Baddick.

Right now, parents with special needs children are worried about behavioral change when and if students return back to the classroom. This is what district leaders see as an importance for special needs students to return where they’re most comfortable while learning.

With COVID-19, the health and safety of all is the district’s priority which is why there is no set time getting all or some students back