SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A little bit of everything is coming our way tonight, which had people out and about today doing last-minute storm prep.

Highway restrictions are starting to be implemented across the state. On top of the restrictions and the anticipated storm Monday is Martin Luther King Day and many people wanted to get what they could done today.

People in Lackawanna County are getting what they need to weather the winter storm. Salt, milk, eggs, bread. The essentials. Michele Ortiz stopped by Gerrity’s to get just that.

“I’m getting a little bit of everything. I got to get meats and I got to get my rice, I got to get soda. You know, stuff like that. Everybody sure goes out and gets. Especially when you have kids you got to have enough,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz understands the weather can change on a dime and preparation is key.

“Yeah, could be small, could be minor, could be huge. But you want to make sure that we have what we have at home,” Ortiz said.

“We’ve seen last-minute shoppers come in and they missed out on a couple products and that’s unfortunate. But the best advice is get it while you can, store it in a cool dry place and always have it ready,” Gerrity’s Ace Hardware general manager Jonathon Wagner said.

Wagner says winter supplies are selling quicker than anticipated at Geritty’s Ace Hardware.

“People are coming in for a mixture of items anything from shovels, ice scrapers, salt,” Wagner said.

“When we’re dealing with ice you can’t see ice sometimes. So you need to be more careful on the roadways. When there is snow you can see the snow, when there is ice you can’t see it. So you need to slow down, take your time,” PennDOT District 4 community relations coordinator Jessica Ruddy said.

Ruddy reminds motorists if you plan on going out and get behind a snowplow, allow for some added space when following.

“We would hope that they have the respect for our drivers not to pass the plows. They have wings on their trucks, they’re trying to monitor conditions and the roadways and what they are plowing. So you know a distraction can definitely lead to a safety issue,” Ruddy said.