SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Schools in the Scranton School District are impacted by positive COVID cases.

Now, many students will learn remotely for several days. This falling in line with recommendations from the state Department of Health.

The Scranton School District is following the guidance of the state to close schools when positive COVID cases reach five percent or higher. It was announced Wednesday that all but two schools in the district fall in this category and will switch to virtual learning for the rest of the week.

Parents Eyewitness News spoke with say they are frustrated with the disruption to learning. Parents of students in the Scranton School District are speaking out after Wednesday’s announcement that all but two schools in the district will switch to virtual learning for the rest of the week.

“I’m extremely frustrated with this constant school disruptions for the children. I mean, first it was the initial pandemic, then the teachers’ strike, and now they’re locking down again,” parent Alexander Groysman said.

School officials say they’re following the recommendations from the Department of Health to close schools when positive COVID cases meet or exceed five percent within a 14-day rolling period.

“I really don’t know what they’re thinking, but it’s really affecting the academics of the students and not only my son I’m sure, and creating difficulties for households which have both parents working,” parent Subhojit Chatterjee said.

Many parents tell Eyewitness News they should have the option to choose whether their student goes to school or learns from home.

“I think that you should have the option of going virtual or non-virtual. Like for my son, he needs the hands-on because he can’t learn through virtual especially through kindergarten and being special needs,” parent Stephanie Passero said.

Other parents say virtual learning just isn’t working.

“This is a very crucial developmental time, especially for my youngest who has autism. She really should be in school socializing as well as getting her education. I mean, at home she’s not doing anything, it’s impossible to be on the computer with her at home,” Groysman said.

The district says parents will be updated as changes occur within schools.

“Having a child at home and keeping the child occupied in between classes to ensure that they still have a school-like environment at home is very difficult,” Chatterjee said.

The following schools will be closed and will have a synchronous virtual instruction day for Thursday, January 13th and Friday, January 14th:

  • John Adams Elementary
  • Neil Armstrong Elementary
  • John F. Kennedy Elementary
  • McNichols Educational Plaza
  • Charles Sumner Elementary
  • Isaac Tripp Elementary
  • John G. Whittier Elementary
  • Frances Willard Elementary
  • Northeast Intermediate
  • South Intermediate
  • West Intermediate
  • Scranton High School
  • West High School
  • Lincoln-Jackson Academy
  • Monticello School

The following schools will remain open for now unless they too reach the five percent mark:

  • William Prescott Elementary
  • Robert Morris Elementary