Senior Citizens React to Impeachment Hearings

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(WBRE/WYOU) — The impeachment hearings have many people in our region watching and reacting. Eyewitness News spent some time with senior citizens who had some very strong opinions about what is unfolding in Washington.

The people Eyewitness News spoke with have been there, done that, but they admit impeachment hearings are indeed rare and they are watching and listening to those hearings very closely.

It is late morning at the Charles Adams Senior Center in downtown Wilkes-Barre. Some of the folks here are playing cards. Others are involved in a game of shuffleboard. Many here say they are frustrated by what they see is a toxic environment in Washington.

“I’m sorry it’s ridiculous. Both sides are crazy…stop it put it away…it’s ridiculous,” Margaret Yavorchak said.

All of these seniors have lived through the impeachment process involving President Clinton in the 1990s and Richard Nixon in the 1970s. Roman Jose says the hearings are not something that happens in a galaxy far far away, but something he insists impacts everyone in one way or another.

“So, when something happens to the president, it happens to us as citizens as the United States of America and the impeachment process is to make sure he is accountable for what he had done not only to America but to other countries,” Jose said.

79-year-old Randal Troutman has one wish for the country, no matter the outcome of the impeachment hearings.

“That we be united like we were,” Troutman said.

72-year-old Edward Lord is not bashful when it comes to what he wants to see when it comes to the outcome.

“I’m hoping that the Democrats get back in the House and get our country straightened out again,” Lord said.

Other seniors told Eyewitness News off camera they felt that President Trump has had a target on his back from the day he won the election and insist the Democrats are playing politics.

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