BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local Secret Santa will be remaining anonymous after giving a generous gift to an area community.

The non-profit For the Cause was able to give away 100 bicycles and helmets because of the donation.

“I got the bike because I thought it was cool and I really appreciate getting bikes,” nine-year-old Jayden Stone said.

“I like that it has these gears,” seven-year-old Caden Demarco said.

The parking lot of the teen center in Berwick was packed with bicycles of various sizes and colors waiting to go to a new home.

“It’s been a lot of fun to see the joy. When the kids first arrive you can see their eyes kind of bubble up because of all the bikes outside,” For the Cause co-founder Marc Nespoli said.

This bicycle giveaway was made possible by an anonymous donor, or “the Secret Santa”.

With the donation, staff and volunteers were able to purchase 100 bikes and helmets to give to Berwick Elementary School students. Why bicycles? Volunteers say they’ll come in handy in the spring, helping parents get their kids outside after this difficult year.

“It’s a big ticket item. And it’s a big ticket item that is on a lot of Christmas lists that especially this year might have been hard to get. There’s a bike shortage due to COVID, also another reason why it might have been hard to get,” volunteer Katie Nespoli said.

There’s also a bit of nostalgia when picturing a new bicycle under the Christmas tree.

“The number of people who have reached out to us after they heard we were doing this, that want to get involved because it’s a bike is a really cool thing,” Marc Nespoli said.

Organizers had three weeks to put on this giveaway and they’re already looking ahead to the years to come.

“We’ve been challenged by Secret Santa to raise a little bit more money so that they can match it and we can keep this going year over year,” Marc Nespoli said.

They say this event couldn’t be pulled off without volunteers and Dunham’s in Buckhorn for supplying the bicycles.

“This is Christmas. People, we asked for help and people stepped up big time. And that’s what really warmed my heart about all this. And then you see a little girl come in with a smile and say ‘rainbow streamers! That’s what I always wanted’, I’m gonna take that with me today,” Katie Nespoli said.