SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Heavy snow continues to move into our area tonight.

It’s not letting up any time soon. While it has been snowing for nearly 24 hours, we did see some heavier snow bands come through over the past several hours.

This is what it looked like this ‘peaceful’ evening in the Electric City. Streets in downtown Scranton were quiet this evening as snow continued to blanket the sidewalks and pavement.

Throughout most of the day, snow accumulated at a steady rate. After around 7 p.m., the intensity of the snow picked up to nearly 1 to 3 inches per hour. As the snow rates and wind gusts picked up, visibility dropped.

Crews were out at Courthouse Square trying to keep up with the accumulating snow. They were brushing off sidewalks and pathways, just for the snow to coat the surfaces within a matter of minutes.

Eyewitness News didn’t want to venture too far since the roadways were getting slick, so we went a few blocks up on Mulberry Street. We found Jordan Banks, who was picking up pizza at CK’s, and says he’s seen many drivers sliding over the streets.

“It’s cold. There’s a lot of snow. People don’t know how to drive out here,” Banks said.

So instead of driving, Banks tells Eyewitness News it’s the perfect night to stay in.

“Eat some pizza. I got some pizza from CK’s. Chill back. Sit in the crib and watch a movie,” Banks said.

And definitely a great night to do that, right? Snow will continue in Scranton overnight and will gradually lighten up by tomorrow morning.