WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Climate change impacts everyone, from the very young to the very old.

There are no easy solutions to undoing the damage done to our planet, but that does not mean we cannot try, even in our own communities.

Many of us may worry about climate change but few of us have the resources to learn more about it and try to tackle it, until now.

From increased wildfires to shrinking glaciers, scientists cite climate change as the cause. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand climate change is a serious problem. 

But a newly formed group of climate scientists called Science Moms is attempting to drive home that message loud and clear.

“We care about climate change because we know it affects our kids’ future and we figure other moms would too if they knew what we knew,” said Katharine Hayhoe, Ph.D. Climate Scientist, Science Moms.

Hayhoe is a professor and Climate Center Co-Director at Texas Tech University and member of Science Moms. She says about 60 percent of people nationwide are concerned about climate change.

“In Pennsylvania, that number is a little bit higher, 63 percent. But when you start talking to moms, 83 percent of us are already concerned about climate change,” Hayhoe said.

Some steps Science Moms says you can take are rather simple with a seriously positive impact, like reducing food waste.

“In the U.S., we throw out about 40 percent of the food we produce and when we throw it out it produces heat-trapping gasses that contribute to climate change,” Hayhoe said.

It’s lessons like that which Science Moms has online and wants to get into households everywhere.

“We have a ton of free resources already there for moms and dads that explain the science in short videos. Some of them are funny. You can show them to your kids. You can sign up for our newsletter. You can click to take action,” explained Hayhoe.

Action which Hayhoe says includes using your voice to reverse climate change.

“We want to empower other moms to use their voices to advocate for change at every level from their kids’ school and the PTA to where they work, to where they worship, to reaching out to city or state or even federal representatives to say we want solutions,” Hayhoe said.

Science Moms says part of the problem trying to solve climate change is too few of us are talking about it. Hayhoe recommends having the conversation with your kids. Science Moms says there is plenty of motivation for parents to take action.

The National Center for Science Education graded Pennsylvania an “F” for its climate change education curriculum.

Visit the Science Moms website for more information on their mission.