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WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Everyone loves a good fireworks show, but never at the expense of someone’s life.

“Fireworks are a very dangerous product. You can’t sugar coat that,” said Gail Malloy, Trauma Injury Prevention/ Outreach Coordinator, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.

Nurse Gail Malloy believes people underestimate the power of fireworks. With many major Fourth of July firework displays canceled because of COVID-19, she fears more people will fire off their own and end up in the hospital.

“They become explosive devices. Once the firework burns down and it can set that on fire and blow up and burn. And it’s basically are a small bomb,” said Malloy.

If you decide you to take on the risk to light up the sky, professionals urge you to put safety first. That includes keeping water close by, keeping eye-protective gear handy and maintaining a safe distance from others.

“You have to have it on a flat surface. Maybe a steal plate. People just put it on the ground, grass, gravel. It tips over too easy,” said Kenneth Webber, tent owner, TNT Fireworks.

Kenneth Webber has been selling ground fireworks for the last five years. He urges people carefully read the directions on the box before lighting one up.

“When it’s going up in the air. You have no idea where it’s going to go,” said Webber.

Because there is that level of uncertainty, you must stay cautious so you can enjoy the show safely.

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