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(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Motorists are crawling on a popular road in Scranton to avoid causing damage to their vehicles from the potholes.   People who live on West Mountain Road are frustrated over the constant problem.

Eyewitness News Reporter Cody Butler has our story

West Mountain Road In Scranton– is notorious for its rough shape according to residents.

                Bill West lives on West Mountain Road and is one of several motorists who have to avoid the potholes to get home or to work.

                The City’s Department of Public Works did some patchwork early Monday to smooth things over.

“Cold patch does not stay in. It’s not like a paved to pave” said Bill West,

 Chuck Termini, Travels West Mountain Road he explained.

“It does not last. All the runoff from all these houses and the mountains come down this road.. turns to solid ice and eventually freezes and thaw.. freezes and thaws.. and the holes open up within weeks.”

                Residents and motorists did not shy away from talking to us about the issues they face.

                Chuck Termini says to avoid damage to your vehicle– you must navigate your way around the damaged road.

“Huge holes, craters, your car just falls in. I don’t know how many tires or rims I have bent on this road.”

                Taryn Wells goes to college at Luzerne County Community College and works late at night.

                She says she can remember the problem going back over a decade.

“My grandmother, my dad always would say like “Oh this road is so bad like it needs to be paved and all that.”

Eyewitness News reached out to the DPW to see if there is a permanent plan to fix the road. We have not heard back from anyone yet.

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