‘Ringing’ in the new year with meditation

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)– With the new year comes the stress of getting back into the gym or other resolutions.

Some are letting go of that stress through meditation. At Inner Peace, some are ringing in the new year with guided meditation and quartz singing bowls.

“Any meditation is about relaxing,” said the night’s meditation guide Lisa Mandell Klee. “It’s taking attention from the things that are going on outside and bringing it inside.”

This meditation at Inner Peace in Plains Township offers a relaxing escape from the world using a vocal guide as well as quartz ‘singing’ bowls. A chakra meditation healer helps with an assortment of instruments and seven bowls.

“There’s seven energy centers. Each bowl is dedicated to that center. Each bowl has a color, a sound, and a vibration,” said the chakra meditation healer for the night Christopher Gebiya. “When people are out of meditation and out of harmony– a lot of times, this brings them back into harmony.”

Some say on top of just relaxation and peace, there are also health benefits.

“It reduces your heart rate,” Klee noted. “It lowers your blood pressure. It makes it easier to just breathe.”

For those who are open to new or enlightening experiences, there’s a sense of relief that comes with these classes.

“A lot of people come that don’t understand it,” said Gebiya. “It’s more of an experience.”

“I leave here feeling so energetic,” said Amy Bezek, who has been adamantly going to modals like this. “Other people might be a little more relaxed or exhausted after it, so it just depends on your experience.”

It may not be for everyone, but meditation can help with resolutions, or be one of its own. The goal at this particular class–to inspire.

“Those leaps of intuitive knowing so that you can take the steps to your best year,” said Klee.

Klee suggests people try guided experiences but adds just taking three deep breaths and recognizing your breath is an effective meditation in and of itself.

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