KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — We hear a lot about rescue pets, animals adopted after they’re removed from a dangerous or unhealthy environment.

These pets typically reward their new homes with plenty of affection, but one rescue dog just outdid itself.

The rescue dog we’re talking about likes little ice cream treats from Josie’s Frozen Custard. What that dog did here last week prevented what his owners say is a possible tragedy.

Eyewitness News met up with the dog and his owners Tuesday.

Sometimes heroes need to take a rest, even the four-legged kind. Meet Luke, a five-year-old Terrier/Jack Russell mix rescue dog. Mike and Colleen Petroski adopted him nearly two years ago when he was in a terrible way.

“Severely malnutritioned. Poor diet. His teeth, he had rotten teeth and loose teeth,” Mike said.

The Petroskis nursed him back to full health and Luke returned the favor and then some. It happened outside Josie’s Frozen Custard on April 6.

“The Petroskis and Luke were patiently waiting their turn in line when all of a sudden Luke acted suspiciously. The reason? An SUV and a car had just collided on Wyoming Avenue. The Petroskis had their backs to the scene as the SUV was about to jump the curb barreling into their path.

“He jumped up and alerted, just grabbed, you know, put tension on the leash that I was holding onto. It just kind of startled me to turn and look,” Mike said.

When every split second mattered, the Petroskis narrowly escaped impact.

“Probably we would have been severely injured or possibly, you know, death,” Mike said.

Instead, the Petroskis can thank the day they rescued Luke who turned in a rescue of his own.

“I’m very proud of Luke. I think he’s a very good dog. I think he’s very observant. And I think he has a very good spirit. He has a good heart,” Colleen said.

“I think, you know, he’s a keeper, right? You know,” Mike said.

The Petroskis say Luke really enjoys coming to Josie’s for a treat. With all the commotion last Tuesday, they just decided to go home and be thankful they and the other customers in line weren’t hurt.

The Petroskis say Luke has two favorite treats at Josie’s, vanilla frosties and plain vanilla cones.

One thing is for sure. Heroes come in all sizes. Even ones as little as Luke.