WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (EYEWITNESS NEWS WBRE/WYOU) – Queen Elizabeth II was adored by many people across the globe and right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

So much so that they want to preserve her memory with the help of a Luzerne County business.

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning Monarch, died Thursday at the age of 96. Eyewitness News is seeing tributes to her pop up everywhere, even in the form of cardboard cutouts.

Life-sized cardboard cutouts of Queen Elizabeth II are flying out of Wet Paint Printing & Design in Wilkes-Barre as fast as the business can make them.

“Hundreds of orders are coming in. We’re actually having to dip into our Christmas inventory to fulfill those orders, and I have a funny feeling tomorrow when we wake up we’ll have to be printing queens non-stop for the next few days,” said Scott Paull, co-owner of Wet Paint Printing & Design.

It doesn’t take much for Paull to figure out who’s making headlines, all he has to do is take a look around the workshop.

Shortly after news broke of The Queen’s death Thursday, Paull says photos of her and other members of The Royal Family began spewing out of the printer.

“We had a meeting about it 4-5 hours ago when I found out and when my partner found out. He told them there’s optional overtime if you want and whoever can stick around and keep it flowing, great,” said Paull.

Dozens of boxes packed with cutouts of The Queen are shipping out all across the country. The business is contracted as the exclusive manufacturer for Star Cutouts, the biggest cardboard cutout company in England.

“The last time we had a huge rush on orders was during her last Jubilee, the last event that she couldn’t attend,” said Paull.

Paull says the cutouts are a special memento for fans to keep Queen Elizabeth’s legacy alive.

“It is sad, but it’s nice that I’m able to give someone comfort when they want to keep a queen in their house for the next few years,” said Paull.

Wet Paint Printing & Design sells all types of cutouts on Amazon and on their website. They also make custom orders.