DANVILLE, MONTOUR COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — An anonymous tip to the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals led to a search warrant and seizure of three equines in Montour County on Tuesday. 

“They were brought to us and they’re in pretty rough shape. The mules suffer from severely overgrown hoofs, and the horse suffers from being a little malnourished and also in need of a hoof trim as well,” said Szwast.

Humane Officers found Darby, Dusty and Ada living in filth in an unfenced pasture. They are now in the care of the SPCA in Danville, with a long road to recovery ahead. 

“As soon as they get their hoofs done, it’s going to be a process of teaching them how to walk again,” said Szwast.

Kristen Szwast, Site Director at the Danville SPCA, says the equines have been surrendered and they’re doing everything they can to help them pull through.

“We are trying desperately to make sure that they have a good quality of life when we do the alterations to their feet. So we are gonna make sure that they’re good pasture pets, so basically they’re all going to be retired,” said Szwast.

Nicole Wilson, Director of Humane Law Enforcement and Shelter Services at the PSPCA says the equines have been suffering from severe neglect for over a year. While the owners have been identified, the next step in the investigation is to look at the veterinary reports. Wilson says the investigation is ongoing, and charges are pending the conclusion of the full investigation.

“Now that Libre’s Law has passed, now an owner of a horse could face anywhere from summary to felony charges, and really that depends on how long-term the conditions are,” said Wilson.

In cases like these, Wilson says she keeps a positive outlook for the animals’ future.

“We are hopeful. We are always hopeful in these cases, and we do our best to give them the best level of care possible to make a full recovery from these types of abuse,” said Wilson.

Anyone with information about this case or other cases involving animal cruelty is urged to call the Pennsylvania SPCA’s Cruelty Hotline at 866-601-SPCA.