Orwigsburg residents worry over potential flooding as Ida moves northeast

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ORWIGSBURG, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Schuylkill County community hit hard in June by flooding is preparing for heavy rainfall from Ida, some say they are concerned about getting hit again.

Residents on Long Avenue tell me they’ve had a lot of sleepless nights thinking about the possibility their street and backyards could once again turn into a river.

“If it’s dropping quick we’re done,” said Orwigsburg Resident Kevin Fisher.

The road, backyards and basements all flooded on June 9, after heavy rain.

“This street was literally a river,” said Fisher.

Nearly three months later the community has dried out but residents are concerned the street will wash away again if they get enough rain from the remnants of hurricane Ida.

Tuesday afternoon some residents still needed to move their cars they say that’s a must as they prepare for a storm because heavy rainfall will run right down their road.

“Down there, down there. Alright? And once it’s flooded it floods in here and everything else waters in there,” said Ralph Ruff who is an Orwigsburg resident.

Ralph ruff explains that when it rains his street view turns into a lake view.

“I don’t know how to say it but when it comes down, it comes down,” said Ruff.

Just across the street, there is a drainage system that runs into Mahannon Creek.

Sandy Adams’ backyard sits on either side of it, she shared images from the flood damage in June that ruined her yard and neighbors’ basements.

Kevin fisher says if that backs up again it will cause the same problems.

“Here it’s like 10 feet wide and then under there it tapers down to where the creek is over around the next corner it tapers down to like a two-foot pipe,” said Fisher.

Most residents who live on Long Avenue have sump pumps.

“The cellar has three sump pumps in there ok,” said Ruff.

If you don’t have a sump pump and find yourself in need of one this week or if you’re willing to share, you can contact the Orwigsburg Fire Department.

The Eyewitness Weather Team is forecasting the potential for a few inches of rainfall beginning tomorrow morning.

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