WHITE HAVEN, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Officials are speaking out Wednesday night about a decades-old cold case.

In 1976, a boy was walking in East Side Borough when he found human body parts in a suitcase. Retired state troopers are looking back at years of tireless work after investigators make a major break in the case.

“Somebody that’s done it as long as we’ve done it, they have those one or two cases they really want to see solved and this was that one or two cases for me,” PSP criminal investigation assessment unit retired corporal Thomas McAndrew said.

He kept this case file on his desk for years, just to make sure he never stopped trying to figure out who was found in December of 1976 and who killed them.

“This was that one cold case that always naws at you and you’re always thinking about simply because we knew she was very young. So you add that on top of she was a mother to be. You know you have a baby girl that didn’t get to live,” McAndrew said.

“When we first got it, it was heartbreaking to know that a woman that was pregnant was cut up and tossed aside like garbage. I knew this was a case that we needed to do something with and we needed to forward,” PSP criminal investigation assessment unit retired corporal Shawn Williams said.

Through new technology, police have finally identified the two bodies found that day as Evelyn Colon and her full-term fetus. But now it’s time for prosecution, and police have their eyes on Evelyn’s boyfriend at the time.

“Luis Sierra from Ozone Park was charged with one count of criminal homicide. Charges were filed shortly after his interview with Trooper Null in New York where he was taken into custody,” Carbon County District Attorney Michael Greek said.

Sierra is accused of killing two people, Evelyn Colon and her unborn baby girl. Could we see a second count of criminal homicide?

“That’s one of those things we have to address. Obviously in 1976, laws were different and didn’t provide for a homicide of an unborn child. There’s other investigative tools we are using now to determine whether a charge will be made for that case,” Greek said.

Either way, justice is in motion and a family now has closure after 44 years. Sierra is awaiting a preliminary hearing tentatively scheduled for April 28th.