MOUNT POCONO, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — October is National Pedestrian Safety Month and Wednesday Mount Pocono Borough held an event to bring awareness about it.

“In 2020, in Pennsylvania, 2743 pedestrian-related crashes… that resulted in 146 deaths,” said Tracy Fox Traffic Safety Coordinator.

Mount Pocono is bringing awareness and setting a goal to keep its pedestrians safe while crossing the street.

Officials announced a PennDOT traffic safety initiative beginning on Monday where police will perform special details to make sure drivers are yielding to pedestrians.

Local officials tell say more than 15,000 vehicles drive through a stretch of 611 each day. They say some safety reminders are to put on bright clothing and to look both ways before crossing the street.

“What we frequently see when we pull motorists over, is not that the motorists are disobeying the law in their mind, but they’re not paying attention,” said Pocono Moutain Regional Police Chief Chris Wagner.

Don Struckle, Vice-Chairman of the Mount Pocono Borough Safety Commission, says a study was done and shows that speeding is not an issue.

One local business owner says he disagrees.

“Speeding is really challenging,” said the owner of The Old Village Trader, Vincent April.

April says with Mount Pocono as a destination spot, he’s happy to see the safety commission put their foot down for the safety of pedestrians.

“It’s going to take a team effort. So I’d like to see everything that we can come up with. When it’s to slow down, cause there is a way and a remedy for this,” said April.

The safety commission says they’ve identified improvements including crosswalks needing repainting and lighting.

Adding additional traffic calming measures, including medium-gate ways and curb extensions, are also on their radar.