EYEWITNESS NEW (WBRE/WYOU) — State police arrested a truck driver from Texas for the homicide death of Rebecca Landrith.

Her body was found along Interstate 80 in Union County this past weekend. The former model was shot multiple times, and left in the snow.

Tracy Rollins is charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse. Police say on the night of February 6 he shot 47-year-old Rebecca Landrith more than 18 times and left her along a remote stretch of I-80 East.

A PennDOT worker spotted her body in the snow. A note in her pocket led police directly to the suspect.

When Pennsylvania State Police found Landrith’s body, she had multiple gunshot wounds to her head and chest and hand. She was barefoot, but had on jeans and jacket.

A blood-soaked winter hat was nearby. On a note in her pocket: the name and contact information of her alleged killer, Tracy Rollins.

Police also found receipts in her pocket: one from a travel plaza in Indiana and another from a travel plaza in Wisconsin, both dated February 4.

With the phone number and email on the note, investigators identified Tracy Rollins as a truck driver with a valid CDL license in Texas. Police in Connecticut said a car registered to Landrith was abandoned near a truck stop in Milford.

Surveillance footage from the travel plazas on the receipts and data from Rollin’s cellphone corroborate this timeline:

  • Tracy picked up Rebecca at a truck stop in Connecticut.
  • February 4, 2:06 p.m.: Tracy stops for food in Howe, Indiana.
  • Two hours later: Tracy and Rebecca stop at a Pilot travel center in Franksville, Wisconsin.
  • February 6, 6:44 p.m.: They enter a truck stop in Austintown, Ohio.
  • Later that evening, Tracy’s phone pings at the Loganton exit off I-80 in Greene Township, PA then in West Buffalo Township at the mile run exit where Rebecca’s body was found.

Police say Rollins continued east on I-80 before heading north. He arrived in Pittston at 2:24 a.m. Then continued north to Maine.

Wednesday, state police arrested Rollins in Connecticut. They found blood and shell casings in the truck. Rollins admitted to traveling with a woman named Leslie. Police learned Landrith recently made hotel reservations under the name “Leslie Myers.”

The coroner told Eyewitness News Landrith dyed her hair dark. Her modeling photos show her as a blonde.

Landrith’s brother George said she modeled in New York until recently. He told Eyewitness News “Becky was deeply loved by her family and we are heartbroken by her death. Particularly by how horrible it must have been. She was such a good and kind person, our heart aches for her.”

Rebecca’s brother told Eyewitness News she was a beloved sister and daughter. He’s thankful Rollins is off the streets.

Rollins was arraigned Thursday morning in Connecticut. Bail was set at $1 million.

He will be extradited to Pennsylvania.