Memorial March takes place in Monroe County

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STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Protests continue across the nation following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Some have boiled to the point of looting, rioting and destruction.

Locally, most have been peaceful, while still demanding justice. More than 1,000 people from all walks of life come together for a common cause.

“Black lives do matter and we’re not going to stay silent about this. You’re not going to continue to kill innocent black men and think we’re not going to turn a blind eye to it because there are people together. We can come together and when we do come together, we will get that message across,” organizer Caseem Johnson said.

The message delivered as scores of protesters made their way from Dansbury Park, up Main Street and huddled in Courthouse Square. Participating in the march were elected officials and police, everyone bringing their unique voice demanding change.

“This demonstration here today shows the power of community and somewhere along the way, America forgot what a community was. We forgot that it takes a village to raise a child,” Marquese Peacock of Bushkill said.

The police presence strong, far from confrontational. The men in blue helping guide the procession safely through the streets. The demonstration? Not quiet. The tone was loud and the frustration was everywhere. But the message? Still positive.

“We’re so tired of it. Tired of the silence. We want people to stand with us. I love the crowd here because it was a diverse crowd. I saw people standing with us that I did not know. I thought we’d just see our friends, but we saw a community. That’s what it really was about,” organizer Nicholas Bishop said.

Defying stereotypes, stopping hate, and preaching kindness.

“We aren’t thugs. Every white person isn’t racist. Every cop isn’t a bad cop like they are saying,” Johnson said.

“At some point you need to realize. You need to look at yourself, what you’re doing and who you want to have around you,” Bishop said.

Many say the issue isn’t going away and something needs to be done about it.

“It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not going to happen next week. We thought it was going to stop when Martin Luther King was marching, but look at us now,” Bishop said.

“If we come together we can stop racism in America but we need to stick together,” Johnson said. 

The organizers of this march say they’re going to keep planning these demonstrations as long as it takes and they’ll continue to do it peacefully as numbers grow.

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