Man appearing to impersonate a police officer spotted in Luzerne County

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(WBRE/WYOU) — There’s an alert Wednesday night for residents across the region.

Be on guard for a man who appears to be impersonating a police officer. The man in question was seen knocking on doors in southern Luzerne County. It appears he was trying to gain access to homes posing as a police officer.

Do you recognize this man? Police say he was knocking on doors in the Black Creek and Sugarloaf Township areas of Luzerne County on Tuesday. Folks here were a bit jumpy. At first Mary Price did not want to open her door when Eyewitness News knocked.

“I was looking out the side window to make sure and I recognized who it was. I recognized your face from the news, so I opened the door,” Price said.

And she is not alone. This part of Luzerne County has a lot of open spaces.

“You’re out in the country and you don’t have neighbors next door to warn you, to be right there, it’s frightening,” Price said.

Black Creek Township supervisor Dr. Saura Rorhbach says she’s been getting calls from residents asking her if this guy was possibly a township worker or maybe a zoning officer.

“Our township workers always have on their township shirts. They’re usually a really bright green/yellow and it says Black Creek Township on it. So he’s definitely not a township worker,” Rorhbach said.

And what should you do if you live anywhere in the region and you are approached by a person who looks like a police officer but you are not quite sure about him?

“Well if you’re unaware that’s it’s law enforcement, if you can’t make out that it’s easily identified as a police officer or state trooper, don’t answer the door. Call 911. It’s very simple. If you don’t feel safe, call 911,” state police trooper Anthony Petroksi said.

Trooper Petroski says the best advice, if you see something, say something. If it doesn’t look right, call 911. If indeed the person at your door is a real police officer, he or she will understand.

Investigators say he may have moved on to another area to attempt the same scam.

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