Luzerne County Community College Drone Training

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NANTICOKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — A lot of people may associate drones with toys, but they can also be very important with public safety.

Several members of local fire and police departments, as well as search and rescue squads, came out to the Luzerne County Community College, Thursday. The school’s Public Safety Training Institute held a seminar to learn a little more about drones.

The officials watched videos and learned some basics on the equipment before heading out to get some ‘hands-on’ experience flying the drones.

Members of the seminar took turns to operate them to see how it felt to fly these mini aircrafts.

“Drones are out there and you can buy them just about anywhere, but commercial equipment, what you would need to do if your agency wanted to start its own drone program. It’s a little more than going out and buying a drone and putting it up in the air,” explains Bill Barrett, LCCC Public Safety Training Institute.

Barrett isn’t kidding on how difficult it can be, particularly for government agencies to get access to fly a drone.

The Federal Aviation Administration enacts strict policies and internal regulations to own these. The drones also have ‘boundaries’ when flying, due to privacy concerns that flyers must obey.

LCCC also has future plans for more training courses.

Barrett says, “We are looking at creating mini-courses, that would help an agency get started as quickly as possible.”

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