Local Marine reflects on the Corps’ 245th birthday

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KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Tuesday is the United States Marine Corps’ 245th Birthday.

Eyewitness News spoke with a local Marine veteran, who says today is a special day to all his brothers and sisters in the Corps. Many say if you aren’t a Marine or close with one, the day may be overlooked due to its proximity to Veteran’s Day.

“Today gives us the opportunity to look back at the thousands of marines who have served over the past 245 years and feel a sense of pride to carry the honors and traditions those marines made for us,” U.S. Marine LCPL Dalton Ellis told Eyewitness News.

Ellis, who is currently serving in Hawaii, says looking at present and veteran Marines gives him a lot to be thankful for. Veterans of the Marine Corps like Michael Ayers say the Corps is a tight knit community.

“We’re a brotherhood, and that’s what it really means to be in a brotherhood, is family. I love the corps,” Ayers said.

Because the day falls right before Veteran’s Day, the Corps’ birthday is often overlooked by civilians.

“Well it might get looked over by the general population, but it definitely doesn’t get looked over by Marines, or the Corpsmen that serve with us,” Ayers said.

While most people will never experience what it is like to serve, it is something Marines never forget.

“Wow, what it is like to be a Marine for someone that has never been in the corps? It’s difficult to describe. Bootcamp is kind of like hell. It is not easy, but after you get through that, it’s being a part of the biggest brotherhood that there is,” Ayers said.

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