Local Christmas tree farm stops selling ‘cut down your own’ trees

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MILTON, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — This Christmas season, tree farmers are seeing more people wanting the real deal. It’s causing at least one farm to stop selling its “cut your own” trees.

Tree farmers are seeing more people heading to fields to harvest a Christmas tree this year than any previous season.

“There is just fewer and fewer Christmas tree farms around to get them. So those who are still in it are just seeing abundance of people,” Stanley Kohl, owner of Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm said.

Kohl has been hit so hard since October he had to close his fields at Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm in Montour County, Sunday to protect his future investments.

“We plant a seedling everywhere someone cuts. But, that seedling isn’t going to be tall enough to cut for about 10 years. So, it’s not an overnight fix to sell down to nothing,” Kohl said.

Kohl’s is welcoming those who tagged a tree ahead of the season to still come and cut it down. However, he sends a message to those who ignore closure signs.

“We charge them four times the regular price and we enforce that,” Kohl said.

“Nine times out of 10 I come here, I come and find a pre-cut one,” Kelly Troupe of Northumberland said.

As part of their holiday tradition, Troupe and her family came to Kohl’s for a pre-cut tree which is still being offered at the farm.

“I am very particular about my tree. So, it’s all about the tree and I usually know what I want,” Troupe said.

Kohl says he plans to purchase more pre-cut trees if his supply runs low.

“I have a friend that we’re buying some trees off of so we’re not cutting anymore from our farm,” Kohl said.

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