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(WBRE/WYOU) — 2020 is here and so are many issues facing the nation and our home state of Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, Eyewitness News spoke one-on-one with Pennsylvania’s senior senator Bob Casey as well as Republican Congressman Dan Meuser about what they believe are the key challenges facing Americans. Senator Casey and Congressman Meuser believe that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle can and will come together on the issues that right now have divided the nation.

The clock is winding down to the 2020 presidential election. Pennsylvania is a key battleground state. In 2016 the state, which historically votes Democrat, turned red and voted Republican, helping then-candidate Donald Trump win the White House.

When asked what Democrats have to do to regain Pennsylvania in the column for the White House Casey said: “You won’t be surprised to hear me say I think Joe Biden is going to be the nominee and he’ll beat Donald Trump in the election. But that’s a long way from that.”

But what if his fellow Scrantonian does not win the nomination?

“Well, I think we got a lot of strong candidates. I supported Vice-President Biden but I think whoever we nominate in our party will first and foremost be a better president than President Trump. But I think it will carry the banner of the party into the election day with a lot of strength, a lot of support. I think we can win the election,” Casey said.

Congressman Dan Meuser predicts a solid Trump victory against any candidate the Democrats put up against him.

“Despite all of the impeachment and other things going on, our country is doing extremely well. Our countrymen and women are doing extremely well. I don’t think the President has lost a vote,” Meuser said.

Meuser says the overriding factor that will help the president…

“Well, our economy is performing phenomenally much to the President’s promises, plans, and policies. Seven million jobs. Wages are going up. Cost of living going down,” Meuser said.

And another key issue: healthcare.

“So it may come down to most Americans’ two words. Preexisting is the first word. Conditions is the second word. Preexisting conditions and the protections that Americans have now that they never had before because of the Affordable Care Act. All of that could go away with this lawsuit,” Casey said.

Meuser says the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable to many Americans, especially business owners.

“Well look we need to lower the cost of premiums and deductibles for the American people. That’s the overall focus,” Meuser said.

Casey and Meuser did agree that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have to make more of an effort to work together to solve the problems facing all Americans.

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