Kingston Community Pool opens with new restrictions

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KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – As family and friends celebrate America’s birth, many people, like Laura Carnevale, like to beat the heat this holiday weekend by splashing around in the pool.

“We come here all the time, it’s like their favorite spot in the summer. It means a lot ’cause my sister also comes, and my mom, we really have a good family time here,” said Carnevale.

But this year the pool looks a bit different – there are less people enjoying the cool water. Lifeguards say last year at this time it was packed.

“It was so hard to see even like the people, like the water, there were so many people here and we had so many games and the grass was full,” said Emily Matthews, head lifeguard.

The Kingston Community Pool normally opens in early June. This year it opened a month later.

While the pandemic delayed the start of swimming here, the head lifeguard is relieved there’s a pool season at all.

“I really didn’t think we were gonna open up. I was like like oh my god i need to find an other job i need to work somewhere else. And when i was told we coming back i got really happy about that you know cause like i said there is a huge community feeling here and it’s a great feeling,” said Matthews.

Matthews says this summer, only members of the pool and residents of Kingston are allowed at the Kingston Community Pool. That’s only one of the precautions the pool has put in place against COVID-19.

Masks are required when walking around the pool, and everyone must get their temperature checked before entering the pool area. There’s even circles spray painted on the grass, and markings on the ground to ensure that people stay six feet apart. Surfaces are cleaned three times a day. Parents say they’re comfortable with the new normal.

“I feel like they’re doing a pretty good job. The spots are nice to keep the distance. And i love the crowd, like it’s not overcrowded. It makes it really nice,” said Carnevale.

There are also no hot food sales at the Kingston Community Pool, to lessen the amount of people working in one space.

Lifeguards say they can’t wait to get back to actually playing with kids in the pool in the future.

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