LA PLUME, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Keystone College is pushing the reset button on its tuition rates.

Instead of raising its cost, it’s dropping the amount for students to attend. Keystone College is growing in many ways with renovations going on in its buildings plus a new retail complex coming to the college. The tuition rate decrease adds the cherry on the top.

Just shy of 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students attend Keystone College, nestled in between Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties. The tuition cost? Nearly $25,000 a year.

“My mom really helped me with that. She really sat me down and she was like this is the reality of coming to college. This is how much it is going to cost and it really gave me a reality check,” Keystone College junior Jamie Albert said.

A reality check Albert and her classmates are still facing. But maybe a little less. The college announced Tuesday that it is lowering its cost per year to just over $14,000.

“We felt this was the perfect time to reset our tuition to really make education more accessible and more transparent and more understandable for our students and their families,” Fran Calpin, senior director of college relations for Keystone College said.

By lowering the yearly rate, the college is also adjusting the amount of money it hands out in scholarships and grants. Giving a more transparent, upfront cost when families are looking at tuition rates.

“Basically students will be paying about the same amount or slightly less,” Calpin said.

The rate change will take effect for all current and future students during the 2020-2021 academic school year.

“My freshman year, I had a roommate who was an athlete as well but was struggling financially and couldn’t… unfortunately couldn’t come to Keystone anymore,” senior Oscar Angel-Velasquez said.

“It’s always upsetting when you hear people can’t come back because of the price so I really think it will create an opportunity,” sophomore Xandra Moyer said.

Current four-year freshman, sophomore and junior students will be able to take advantage of the new tuition rate next fall. 96 percent of Keystone students receive some type of financial aid between grants, scholarships, and loans.

In addition, the college’s undergraduate fees for students will change to $2,500 from the current $1,100 and it will cover all individuals’ course fees.