Injured pig rescued on Morgan Highway in Lackawanna County

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MEHOOPANY, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It was a nightmarish scene on the side of Morgan Highway Thursday.

After some Good Samaritans saw a pig in pain on the side of the road, it’s been a painful rescue. A warning to viewers: some images you’re about to see may be upsetting. A pig in distress was picked up Thursday afternoon, bound in rope and metal along Morgan Highway in Lackawanna County.

“They immediately brought it up to Griffin Pond and we acted very quickly, taking it to the vet,” Ashley Wolo, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter executive director, said.

Griffin Pond made sure the pig got medical attention, but even after what the vets could do, the sight is devastating.

“He had something embedded all the way, deeply, around his abdomen. They called us and so we got together and here’s the pig,” Indra Lahiri, founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, said.

Griffin Pond brought the rescued pig to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Wyoming County where he’ll be in good hands, even being named Chandra after the founder’s father. He’ll spend time in Mehoopany before being transferred to the new Dalton location once healed enough to roam freely.

“Our job is to help him understand that he’s safe and he’s loved. He has absolutely nothing to fear for the rest of his life,” Lahiri said. “I want to say that the people who rescued this pig saved his life, no doubt about it. He could not have survived under those circumstances.”

But whoever did this to Chandra is still out there and animal advocates want justice.

“Our humane officer is going to look into this case but we do need the public’s help. If anybody has any details, our concern is there may be more animals wherever this pig may have come from,” Wolo said.

There’s a long road ahead for Chandra at Indraloka and when he does get transferred to the new Dalton location. Everyone involved with this rescue says they’re going to make sure he’s well taken care of for the rest of his life.

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter and Indraloka Animal Sanctuary are glad they were able to help Chandra. But they are urging the public that if there’s any information or witnesses to what happened to reach out to them or local authorities.

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