I-Team: Mother Speaks Out About Hostage Incident

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(WBRE/WYOU-TV) We’re learning more, tonight, about a police officer-involved shooting that ended an alleged kidnapping and hostage case in Luzerne County.

     State troopers say they had to use lethal force to stop 20-year-old Jordon Oliver from Nanticoke.

      They say Oliver kidnapped his former girlfriend, 15-year-old Samara Derwin.

We asked Samara Derwin’s mother how she was doing tonight.

  “She’s not well emotionally she is beaten up really bad. She witnessed everything that went on… And it was terrible. And it’s something she’ll have to live with the rest of her life.”

Samara Derwin’s mother did not want to appear on camera but wanted to tell her daughter’s side of the story that ended in the shooting death of 20-year-old Jordan Oliver. Her daughter’s one-time boyfriend.  The drama began to unfold at around 3:15 Sunday afternoon near the Greater Nanticoke High School. That’s when she says Oliver unexpectedly showed up as her daughter was hanging around with some of her friends.

Investigators say Oliver grabbed Derwin– pulled out a knife and was threatening to hurt her.  Two Nanticoke police officers were trying to talk Oliver into surrendering. that’s when police say Derwin broke free of his grasp. Officers told her to get into the back of a Nanticoke police cruiser.

      A struggled ensued between the officers and Oliver, at some point they tased Oliver but it had no effect. Oliver then pulled out mace and sprayed the officers. He jumped into the police cruiser and took off. That began a five-hour search for Oliver and the stolen cruiser and an amber alert issued for Derwin.

All the while her mother was waiting for any information.

“She was able to communicate with me here and there but wouldn’t let her say much. But I at last knew she was ok at some point in time. I was panicked sick to my stomach you don’t know what’s going to happen.” Derwin’s mom told us.

Six hours later officers located Oliver and Derwin in a wooded area several miles away. Troopers say he was holding a knife to Derwin’s throat threatening to kill her. Investigators say it ended when they used lethal force on Oliver.  Derwin’s mother had filed a protection from abuse order — a P-F-A– against Oliver in May after he allegedly assaulted and threatened her. A P-F-A that she says he violated several times.

Derwin’s mother said she was afraid it would get to this point. “I was kind of afraid of that and that’s why I did the P-F-A but we did have a hearing and everything I did give him the benefit of the doubt”

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