(WBRE/WYOU) — A Pennsylvania House bill would direct federal money into the pockets of parents.

House Bill 2696 would provide one-time $1,000 grants for parents of school students from the CARES Act. That money could be spent on tuition, computers, counseling, or school supplies.

Representatives say the bill was written after they recognized a need in their communities to help students struggling with online learning, especially those in low-income families.

“We thought the best way to do that would be to directly reach out to the parents, guardians of these students, who really know where those shortcomings are and be able to give them some resources, or the ability to get some resources,” Representative Clint Owlett (R) 68th District, said.

“Come in handy for anything from school supplies and technology devices to use for virtual learning, or even for the counseling they are not getting from the school when they’re here,” parent Desiree Bannon said.

The bill has not yet had a vote on the House floor. If it passes, grants would be first-come-first-serve.
Those who oppose the bill say it would unfairly benefit private schools that may indirectly receive tax payer dollars.